IP PBX Servers

asterisk virtual PBX

VoIP Server- Details

Our IP PBX Servers are stored in a server farm. The servers farm is working non-stop 24/7 and is protected from the effects of power outages. The server farm is stored in a secure and professional data center staffed by teams of experienced technicians. The IP PBX Server has 99.9% of the time work availability and ensures that you do not miss any calls. 
It does not take up unnecessary space in the office and requires only high-speed home/office internet.
It brings significant financial savings as there is no longer a need to maintain the computer itself.
Instantly available from anywhere in the world with advanced remote management options.
Reduces the need for financial investment in equipment and therefore does not apply to the equipment obsolescence.
And above all, the equipment is always guaranteed to be at the forefront of technological advancement.


An IP PBX for my Business-Why should I?

There is no need to invest in equipment and manpower. Call costs are among the lowest in the world. Monthly renewable service without obligation. Take out and receive phone calls from any device connected to the Internet. Maximum flexibility in managing extensions and telephones. Clear and sharp call quality without compromise. Simple and convenient setting from anywhere in the world. Low installation costs Full service and accompaniment


The IP PBX server will give me the following abilities: 

The PBX includes advanced call and telephone management options. Among other things, you can control the incoming and outgoing call channels, On the types of numbers that will be used, on the routing of conversations between the representatives and more Detailed reports can be issued on the conduct of the telephone calls and on the effectiveness of the actual calls made.



  1. 90$ per month (for 10 extensions)
  2. Installtion -310 $
  3. Addtional 10 extensions=14$ per month