Itay Bahur – Bahurbooks

I started using Mekashron Business four years ago. Before I did, I checked a number of business database management software products (CRM) that supported Hebrew. I found that most of the software on the market could track customer and supplier contact information and interactions, and could also handle inventory, quotes, telemarketing and other things – but couldn't generate invoices and receipts. On the other hand, most accounting software could produce tax invoices – but couldn't track the history of customer contacts.

I was looking for software that could handle both of these – manage customer interactions and accounting. Mekashron Business is one of the few programs that can do this, and it has several things that set it apart:

  1. The interface is friendly and easy to use.
  2. It is attractively priced and the service is excellent – it was half the price of most of the other programs I looked at.
  3. Mekashron are continually putting out upgrades that make the product even better.

As I mentioned, I have been using Mekashron Business for over four years now – and that is a recommendation in itself.

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