Business ISAPI

We have a local running SOAP service that export different functions to read and write to Mekashron system
The file located at %Mekashron install folder%\isapi\BusinessIsapi.exe

When its running you will see it a trayicon: . You can set the port where it listens and open this port in your router so our SOAP tool can be used. You can see all the functions and test them by running in your browser %your public IP%:%port%.
Example: (Make sure your IP can be accessed from remote location "Public IP")

* It's critical to open the port in the router and use publicly available IP to list the function. The SOAP service is using a platform that is running on our servers.

Login input:
Each function have authorization inputs ol_EntityID, ol_Username, ol_Password defining who is calling the current function and what permissions he has.
We have 3 types of entities and based on it's type permissions are defined. 
isBusiness, entity defined as business in the database.
isUser, entity defined as user in the database.
isEmployee, entity defined as employee for specific businessID in the database.
None, regular entity, can be a customer or a simple record. 
(entity can have multiple definitions)

ol_Username,  ol_Password fields are set in table entities.ol_Username and entities.ol_Password

Write custom reports:
In SOAP service we have a function called General_Reports_Get(). We have now with the program default report.dll file acting as an example, The DLL must be compiled as 64bit. Location should be in %meksahron program folder%\isapi\.
It accepts custom JSON parameters and returns different kinds of reports. You can develop your own reports by creating a DLL that will accept JSON and return JSON back to the function. Coping it next to BusinessIsapi.exe.

Download report.dll example (Delphi)

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