26. Send SMS

Learn how to send an SMS from the system

additional options:

  • To send a URL by SMS, it is recommended to mark it as the following address:
    #URL (URL here) # ENDURL
    The software will fix spaces and additional markers to a valid web address
  • To send an SMS with a short URL, you can set macro.
    <SHORTURL domain=""></SHORTURL>
    if you don't set a domain, the default system domain is https://s.mekashron.com, and if you would like to set your domain, you need to create a DNS record CNAME pointing to s.mekashron.com
    to change the system default domain, add into the "system_parameters" table values "default_short_domain_url."


- Why are there differences in SMS prices?
- For customer package and purchase package prices, please get in touch with customer service

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