4.Employee management and connection of switchboards

Employee management and connection of switchboards

Additional SIP extension settings.
"Dialing Rules" tab :
Dialing area , here you must set a dialing area in case you need the system to automatically add a dialing area to the number it dials. If the dialing area already exists in the system number you will not add a double prefix.
Prefix , the system will always dial the prefix before dialing the number. For example in cases where you need to dial 9 for an outside line.
Removing a leading zero, in case the numbers in the database are stored as 05XXX and you dial abroad, then the system will remove the zero and make the number of 9725XXX.

"Tab codecs are supported ":
codecs are supported , there has to choose which codecs software title Lhmstms to perform the communications with the switchboard yours, This setting must be coordinated with your PBX technician, and if codecs are defined that are not supported by your PBX, you may experience glitches such as:
* No audio one side or two sides.
* No dialing alerts, you dial and not everything happened in the software even though the phone rings.
* You get an invalid number for all phones.

Lines , this setting allows the user to work in front of X lines in parallel, such as while the caller is receiving another call or conferencing.
It is recommended to check with your PBX technician how many lines your PBX supports at the same time.
If there are not enough lines for the user's requirements, access will be accepted.

Dial international calls 

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